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AI Solution for Cyber Fraud and Threat Intelligence

FiVerity is an AI and machine-learning solution that combats financial crime and cyber threats at Financial Institutions


Detecting Synthetic Identity Fraud

Synthetic Identity Fraud is the fastest-growing financial crime in the U.S. Payments System. SynthID® Detect identifies fraud and cyber threats at your financial institution in real time


What Lurks in Your Portfolio

SynthID® Portfolio Analyzer can help identify your level of Synthetic Identity Fraud exposure today


Fraud In a Crisis

The growth of Bad Actors and the COVID-19 pandemic in combination with the economic downturn has increased the risk of Cyber Fraud


Intelligent Solutions For Cyber Fraud Detection For Financial Institutions

FiVerity develops and markets AI and Machine Learning solutions that detect sophisticated forms of cyber fraud, delivering actionable, proactive threat intelligence. The company’s solutions meet the unique requirements for financial institutions with consumer offerings, including banks, credit unions, credit card providers and online lenders.

FiVerity is featured in a Federal Reserve Bank White Paper on Synthetic Identity Fraud (SIF), the fastest growing type of fraud. FiVerity’s AI and machine learning-powered solutions prevent both existing and new types of fraud more effectively than existing alternatives.  Blacklist databases are outdated the minute they are published, and rules-based systems lack flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing nature of cyber fraud. Only FiVerity offers ‘zero day’ capabilities to proactively predict and identify new threats.

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What Is Synthetic Identity Fraud?

In Synthetic Identity Fraud (SIF) criminals combine real and fake information to create entirely new, fraudulent identities to infiltrate financial institutions.

After opening accounts, SIF fraudsters behave like legitimate customers while building up their creditworthiness, buying small items and making all payments on time. But it is all a façade designed to get them more credit to set up bigger scores.

To learn more about SIF, Click here.

Detect Previously Unidentified and Newly Created Fraud

Reduce Friction and the Cost of New Customer and Member On-boarding

Automate Decisions in Real Time to Reduce Manual Reviews


FiVerity’s solutions are set apart from other AI driven products by how they leverage the human side of the equation. Competitive offerings take a ‘Big Data’ approach to the problem by using opaque algorithms to deliver conclusions in which the customer has zero visibility, making it difficult to build trusted processes on black box foundations. Big Data-type solutions do not leverage the most valuable anti-fraud resource in any organization – the human analyst’s experience and insights.

FiVerity’s solutions “Scale the Analyst” through intelligent automation that continuously learns from expert business users and improve upon their approaches and techniques, observing strategies and tactics for detecting cyber fraud and other financial crimes. The company’s products give customers the proactive and predictive fraud detection and prevention capabilities they need to keep up with fast-moving fraudsters.

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